What makes minds tick in a house of 6 where
the majority vote lies with The Youth.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Deja Vu...all over again

There's a certain comfort in repetition, predictability, reliability - especially so for children. And so it comes to pass that a number of perfectly good genres of music and artists has been forever sullied by The Youth and their desire to play certain tunes over and over and over again. And we're not talking about juvenile trash here, we're talking about reputable material. As an example, Michael Jackson can never be listened to ever again in our household - he is persona non grata. In particular, anything from his Thriller phase is considered The Devil's Work by pure dint of it being played on such high rotation that it shall never be rotated again in my presence.

However, I never learn. Every time I introduce The Youth to a new artist it's with a certain amount of alacrity, but the bonhomie is quickly sucked out of me when they insist that every conceivable moment near an ipod is spent listening to said artist and generally to one particular tune.

And so it was with my new favourite, TZU, a very clever band from Melbourne. The Youth have comandeered them and ruined them forever. Their favourite track, Number One, was a winner, but is now a loser. I apologise to TZU and give them this advice: happiness is destroyed by the repitition of slowly destructive LITTLE things.


  1. Into the home-grown rappers - you hiphopster, you...
    Actually I have the reverse problem - "Dad, we used to love the Ramones, but if you play Blitzkrieg Bop for the 17th time in a row, we're going to lose that love"
    I AM that little kid - who hears a shiny new track on FBi, downloads it from interweb, uploads to iPod then plugs into home stereo for patience-smashing rotation - all together now: "We no speak Americano" - DAAAAD!